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Gamma's Cashew Peanut Brittle


Enjoy delicious peanut brittle at its best, made with Cashews!! If you thought - you liked peanut brittle, you won't believe how you love Cashew Brittle. Made with the same ingredients as Peanut Brittle (Sugar, vanilla, Karo syrup, butter, baking soda) except that the nuts are Cashews.

This could be a wonderful gift also!  So whether you choose to enjoy this delicious Cashew Brittle for yourself or as a gift for a friend -- this will be your new favorite candy.

The first time I was given this candy to try, I loved it so much, I wanted more.  So now, I'm making it available to others to enjoy also.


This is a "brittle" hard candy that has "cashew nuts" in it, so if you have allergies to nuts or have problems with teeth, you probably can't enjoy this!   


ingredients:  Cashews, white sugar, Karo syrup, vanilla, and butter, baking soda.

Only sell in 1 lb. box now, It will come in a silver metallic colored candy box, ready to give as a gift--just in case you can give it away as a gift.  I dare you to taste it, and see if you give it away.  Or maybe, you should buy 2 right away, cause I know that you will want to keep one for yourself. Enjoy! 





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